2022 Global Metaverse Congress will be held from August 18 to 19

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On August 18-19, 2022, the 2022 Global Metaverse Congress will be held in China and many other cities around the world. It is sponsored by China Mobile Communications Association, co-sponsored by Shanghai Communications Administration Bureau, and hosted by Zhong Shi Tech, China Mobile Conference and Exhibition Department, Metaverse Industry Committee, with BIC EURONOVA and GSMA 5G IN as its international partners. The congress will adhere to the two-step strategy of " domestic first, international later" by collecting domestic and international superior resources, break the involution, and jointly explore the efficient way of landing the Metaverse industry so as to build a city, national and world-class Metaverse industry ecology.

 At present, the Metaverse is perfectly interconnecting and integrating with the development of multiple industries with new ideas, businesses and models, and gradually becoming a key force to restructure global factor resources, reshape global industrial structure and change global industrial development. In order to further seize the development opportunities of the new form of the Metaverse digital economy as well as enable a new generation of industrial innovation system, the Global Metaverse Congress will be launched on August 18.

The guests invited in the congress include: Zhao Houlin , Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union; Shang Bing, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and President of the Internet Society of China; Ni Jianzhong, Executive President of the China Mobile Communication Association; Chen Jiechong, First Grade Inspector of the Department of Information and Communication; Zhang Ping, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as Professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Meng Jianmin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as Professor of Shenzhen University; Susana Carillo Aparicio, Vice Mayor of Malaga, Spain; Juanma Revuelta, President of Finnova Foundation; Alvaro Simon De Blas, CEO of BIC EURONOVA; Lucy Gan, CEO of BIC EURONOVA Greater China; Si Han, President of GSMA Greater China; Pekka Jussila, President of Hermia and EBN Finland Regional Representative; Paulo Santos, President of IPN and EBN Portugal Regional Representative; Li Zhengmao, former General Manager of China Telecom Corporation Limited; Li Anmin, Vice President of China Telecom Research Institute; Meng Pu, Chairman of Qualcomm China. They focus on the new future of the Metaverse industry and jointly lead the global Metaverse Congress and industry leaders to accelerate the integration of digital science and technology innovation and application in order to help reshape the spatial development pattern of the digital economy in our country and realize high-quality development of the digital economy. Startup Europe Award(SEUA) China Metaverse Special Award and the "Wonderland Cup" Metaverse City Competition will start the initiation process in this congress, and the list of the first batch of the most potential selected meta-cosmic enterprises is released on the day of the congress to display the development advantages and the core strength of China's Metaverse, integrate European and Chinese innovation resources, help European and Chinese participating projects to connect bilateral industrial resources, explore bilateral markets, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.  


  The congress has set up three major meta-cosmic lecture sessions and three meta-cosmic special sessions. There will be one hundred and more meta-cosmic head enterprises the congress, such as Qualcomm, Microsoft, Alibaba, NetEase, ZTE, Black Mirror Technology, NVIDIA, Well-Link, Seastar Shares, Ao’peng Digital, Hollywood (China), Bing Jiang Technology, Chinese Online, Sina, Gu’ao Technology, Dong Yi Yuan Dian, Shu Cang China, Ucap, Tian Xia Show, Wan Xiang Culture, Beijing He Tu, Xiao Pai Technology, Yuan Yi Imagination, Hong Kong Metaverse Technology Investment Group. There will be 50 and more excellent speeches, and over 1000 industry excellent cases for 2,000 offline audience and hundreds of thousands of online audience around the world to bring 100+ professional presentations and 1000+ outstanding cases in the industry, to 2,000 offline viewers and millions of online viewers worldwide. The congress will focus on cooperation on IT infrastructure layout, core technology innovation, meta-cosmic production-city system building, and global rules and standards and gather government, industry, study, research and application to jointly promote the development and development of the new generation of information technology enabling industry, and the industrial evolution law of "virtual-real mapping, virtual-real interaction, virtual-real integration" and digital economy development upgrading.

  Ma Xingfa, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology delivered a wonderful speech at the conference. In his speech, Ma pointed out that the Metaverse has not only the height to lead the future, but also the breadth, as well as the speed of sustainable development, with great development potential and broad prospects.

  Ma stressed: "The technological innovation and industrial development of the Metaverse should focus on three aspects: first, strengthening basic research and personnel training; second, creating a sound ecology of scientific development and governance; third, hoping to promote international openness, trust and cooperation."

 Gong Xinhan, former Deputy Director of the Central Propaganda Department, delivered a wonderful speech at the conference. Gong said that the future development of the meta-cosmic industry is of great responsibility and an arduous task. In order to promote the symbiotic butterfly-like change of the virtual and real meta-cosmic industry in Shanghai and drive the scale of the city's information and communication industry to a new level, he put forward three development suggestions: first, "both carrot and stick"; second, "integration of industry and city"; third, "pay equal attention to research and application."

  Shang Bing, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information and Chairman of the Internet Society of China, delivered a wonderful speech. Shang stressed that how to make good use of digital technologies such as Metaverse, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to enhance industrial development, information consumption and the modernization of social governance, and better serve economic and social development and improve people's lives has become an important proposition of the times.

  Shang Bing, President of the Internet Society of China: Encouraging innovation, actively exploring, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the Metaverse. Shang put forward four suggestions on the development of the Metaverse: first, encouraging innovation and strengthen core technology research and application research and development; second, actively exploring the establishment of a meta-cosmic system of social rules; third, standardizing development and create a Metaverse of sustainable development; fourth, overall planning to lay a solid foundation for the future development of the Metaverse.

  Wang Tianguang, Deputy Director of Shanghai Communications Administration, delivered a wonderful speech. Wang pointed out that as the integration of a variety of new technologies and virtual and real Internet applications and social forms, the Metaverse is the place of creation and production of digital assets. It will not only become a new engine to promote the high-quality development of the digital economy, but also for Shanghai in the international industrial competition pattern to build a new development advantage. The congress is of great significance in the development of the Metaverse enabling industrial economy. The Metaverse is a new driving force for the high-quality development of the industrial economy and provides an important starting point for the recovery and revitalization of the economy after the epidemic in Shanghai.

  Wang said: "in the future, Shanghai Communications Administration will continue to push 5G, chain blocks, and other underlying infrastructure construction, strengthen the meta-cosmic basic theory research, explore the information communication industry development momentum, actively build a platform for industrial innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing on three aspects: first, strengthening the foundation; second, promoting application; third, keeping safe."

  Ni Jianzhong, President of China Mobile Communication Association, delivered a wonderful speech. In his speech, President Ni introduced that the first station of the 2022 Global Metaverse Conference was launched today in Shanghai, China, and will be held in other cities. Sub-sessions of the conference will be established in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Singapore, South Korea and other international cities. The beginning of the global meta-cosmic city node aims to lead the industrial ecological cluster to be based on China, face the world, forge a new journey of the digital world, build a digital community of shared future for mankind, and usher in a new era of the Metaverse.

  He said, "In the future, we will build the Global Metaverse Congress into a new type of international organization led and initiated by Chinese people, the NGO of the global meta-cosmic organization. Let us strive to meet the arrival of this new era."

  Alvaro Simon De Blas, Global President of BIC EURONOVA and Chairman of ANCES, delivered an excellent keynote speech entitled BIC EURONOVA's Outlook for Industrial Cooperation and Development in the EU-China Metaverse. In his speech, Mr. Alvaro introduced BIC EURONOVA, which is headquartered in Malaga, Spain, as a technology hub for more than 20,000 European companies. With the help of this great center, many companies have since embarked on their own technological take-off.

  Mr. Alvaro said: "BIC EURONOVA works with European organizations in China in the field of science and technology, promoting exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and European technology companies, in order to help companies to access international markets.

  Zhang Ping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, delivered a keynote speech titled "Wonderland Planning: Reflections on the Development of the Metaverse". In his speech, Academician Zhang Ping pointed out that the "Universal Wonderland interconnection" is the core of the evolution of the Metaverse, and it is a new concept, new category, and new expression of the "cognitive twin" world that integrates the virtual and the real.

  Professor Zhang Ping pointed out that we should continuously take the road of independent innovation and build the systematic construction scheme of the evolving version of the Metaverse by taking the "Universal Wonderland Interconnection" as the starting point. "The Metaverse is of great significance to the future industrial and social development as it relates to the country's core areas of politics, economy, society, culture, law, ideology, cyber sovereignty and technological standards," Zhang said. We can neither deny it nor commercialize it. Before the successful commercialization, it is necessary to scientifically analyze the connotation and extension of the "Metaverse". We think that as technology advances, an evolutionary version of the Metaverse will emerge."

Meng Jianmin, Aademician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chief Architect of Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech. In his speech, Meng Jianmin said that the Metaverse is an expansion of the digital space under the background of the development of big data analysis, digital twin and holographic display. It is another revolution of people's lifestyle and city operation mode after artificial intelligence.

Meng Jianmin pointed out that the essence of the Metaverse is comprehensive and deep digitization, which provides a way for human beings to gradually realize the exploration of the future city.

Li Zhengmao, General Manager of China Telecom, delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of "Integration of Metaverse and Cloud Network". In his speech, President Li said that the Metaverse will lead to a new round of transformation of the traditional network model, become the "next generation Internet", and create a new economic growth model.

"If you want to do a good job, you must first improve your tools." Li Zhengmao pointed out that a good development vision needs a good foundation, and the rapid development of the Metaverse cannot be separated from the support of digital technology and infrastructure. From the perspective of the long-term development of society, the Metaverse is the next generation of digital society and the advanced version of the current Internet. The Metaverse absorbs the strengths of the information revolution, the Internet revolution, the artificial intelligence revolution, and the VR, AR, MR technology revolution, especially the game engine, and shows the possibility of constructing a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world.

Li Zhengmao said: "The current meta-cosmic industry is still in the early stage of exploration and further development and maturity depends on the continuous efforts of all parties in the industry. China Telecom will adhere to the concept of cloud-network integration, accelerate the creation of cloud-network integration infrastructure base, build a multi-scene application platform, actively cooperate with all parties in the industrial chain, promote technology and application innovation, explore the future business model, work together to create a prosperous Metaverse ecology, and jointly embrace a better tomorrow of the digital economy."

Li Anmin, member of Shanghai CPPCC and Vice President of China Telecommunication Research Institute, delivered a wonderful speech titled "Promoting Cloud Network Integration and Enabling the Development of a New Track in the Metaverse". Li introduced that China Telecom is positioned as a builder of new infrastructure in the meta-cosmic era. cloud-network integration is the core of the emerging infrastructure in the meta-cosmic era. China Telecom takes cloud-network integration as the starting point, so as to promote the integration of the corresponding capabilities of the Metaverse and the collaborative innovation of the application ecology.

Vice President Li Anmin pointed out that the development of the future Metaverse should pay attention to four elements, strengthen the core of "intelligent computing power", grasp of "digital assets", break through the "new terminal", tamp "three-dimensional security".

BIC EURONOVA Director-General for Greater China, Ms. Gan Lu, delivered an excellent keynote speech entitled "Opportunities and Prospects for Sino-EU cooperation in the Metaverse Industry". Gan in the speech pointed out that the innovation center will seize the opportunity digital transformation, with 2022 Global Metaverse Congress as an opportunity to open up a new era of industrial exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe in the Metaverse and open up a milestone in the global meta-cosmic digital economy and provide an industry-university-research platform for international cooperation and expansion of China's meta-cosmic industry.

"As an international partner of the congress, we believe that with the joint efforts of many parties, the Global Metaverse Congress will become the most influential platform for the exchange, exhibition and cooperation of the Metaverse industry in China and even in the world," said Director General Gan Lu.

Juanma Revuelta, President of the Finnova Foundation of the European Union, delivered a wonderful speech entitled "Global Metaverse Congress and European Competition for Science and Technology Innovation". In his speech, Mr. Juanma congratulated the opening of the Global Metaverse Congress in Brussels, capital of the European Union and launched the first Metaverse European Start-up Award, together with our Chinese colleagues.

Mr Juanma says the EU provides funding for the practice of collaboration, internationalization and change. Starting in Brussels, we join hands for the 2022 Global Metaverse Congress. 

Meng Pu, Chairman of Qualcomm China, delivered a speech titled "Mobile Technology Innovation -- Driving the Development of the Metaverse". Meng said in his speech: “The in-depth integration of XR, AI and 5G will drive a new round of industrial transformation, help upgrade and transform many traditional industries, and transform people's work, entertainment, shopping and learning experiences. It will also have a profound impact on education, construction, industry, health-care and other industries.”

“Providing cutting-edge technology, building XR specific chip-sets, and enabling the ecosystem through software platforms and hardware reference designs has always been at the core of Qualcomm's XR strategy,” Mr. Meng said. Qualcomm looks forward to working with all partners to continuously promote the innovation of 5G, AI, XR and other key technologies to help the development of the Metaverse.

Cai Weide, Professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, delivered a wonderful speech titled "The Digital Economy System and Practice in the Metaverse". In his speech, Professor Cai pointed out that we should first come up with a unified governance standard, and then develop Metaverse technology under the framework of the standard. In this way, the digital economy and technological development of the whole Metaverse can be developed in an orderly manner.

This congress officially launched the "Wonderland Cup" Global Metaverse City Competition and the Sino-EU Metaverse Special Competition in the Innovation Grand Prize, and released the first batch of most potential Metaverse selected enterprises to display the development advantages and core strength of China's Metaverse, integrate European and Chinese innovation resources, help European and Chinese participating projects to connect with bilateral industrial resources, explore bilateral markets, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Based on the original national 5G information and communication expressway facilities, Longyin Project plans to complete the distributed edge storage and computing cloud network chain system in five years.

This book systematically discusses the application of Metaverse related technologies in government management services, proposes and defines the concept of the government affairs Metaverse. It discusses the core elements and the overall structure of the government affairs Metaverse and analyzes and introduces the five constituent systems respectively. Finally, it discusses the construction and operation of the government affairs Metaverse, as well as the development risk and governance of the government affairs Metaverse. As a book devoted to the discussion of the Metaverse of government affairs, it attempts to describe the new vision of the Metaverse to help the construction of digital government from the theory and practice.

The use of digital technologies to promote governance innovation has become a widespread consensus and a national strategy. Metaverse is another subversive emerging digital technology after the Internet, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence, etc., and its innovative application will surely have a profound impact on the construction of digital government.

The congress has received great attention and support from government leaders, industry experts, partners and media.

The 2022 Global Metaverse Conference kicked off in Shanghai, China on Wednesday, and will be followed by global sub-conferences in Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, Singapore, South Korea and other cities around the world,leading to the emergence of global Metaverse city node, and China's digital industry to be based in Asia, look to the world, and build a digital community with a shared future for mankind.