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New 4G MVNO launching in Singapore
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A new 4G MVNO is launching in Singapore that aims to give consumers a new way to interact and consume telco services.
Digital telco Circles. Life will target the data savvy consumer segment in Singapore. The operator will use M1’s infrastructure under an MVNO model similar to the one Virgin Mobile had with Singtel when the company entered the market in 2001.
Virtual mobile operator Lycamobile looks to build market share
The Irish subsidiary of mobile operator Lycamobile is forecasting profits in the coming years, despite recording a huge loss in 2014 and noting the difficulty that it and other companies have in establishing a presence here.
Lycamobile is one of a number of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) that have entered the market in recent years by “piggybacking” on the infrastructure of an established player. The pan-European operator, which has an estimated 2.5 per cent market share in Ireland, offers low-cost international calls from mobiles to Asia, Africa, Europe and America.
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Alfa银行与俄罗斯移动运营商Tele2合作,为用户提供Alfa对话服务。使用该服务的用户可以通过手机客户端管理自己的账户和银行卡。Alfa 对话服务允许Tele2 Russia用户通过发送一个USSD请求,获取自己的银行账户信息,通过短信请求银行通知,偿还银行信用贷款,转账和充值。
Tele2 Russia introduces Alfa Dialogue service
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Mobile operator Tele2 Russia, in cooperation with Alfa Bank, has connected clients to the Alfa Dialogue service. Users of the option will be able to manage their accounts and banking cards from their handsets. The Alfa Dialogue service allows Tele2 Russia subscribers to get information about their banking account, request a bank statement by SMS, pay off credit loans, transfer funds, top-up mobile account by using a USSD request.